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Services for the U.S. and European Markets

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transcosmos provides support for clients’ E-Commerce business entry into the Europe market with a strong partnership with PFSweb, the E-Commerce One-Stop Service company which has operational experience with over 60 companies in Europe and in the United States and Vaimo, the E-Commerce systems solution company with experience of designing E-Commerce Websites for over 400 companies.

Services for the U.S. and European Markets

transcosmos Group E-Commerce Outsourcing Companies

Europe and the U.S.’s Largest E-Commerce One-Stop Service Company

The largest company in E-Commerce One-Stop Service industry in the United States, listed in NASDAQ. In addition to providing fulfillment service with its own warehouse and Back-Office services such as customer support and payment processing, the company provides wide range of services from creating E-Commerce systems to operation for over 150 clients. The total working space is approximately 193,000 square meters, equivalent of approximately 4.1 times the size of Tokyo Dome which boasts the largest seating capacity in Japan.

Europe E-Commerce Systems Solution Company

A Swedish E-Commerce systems solution company with E-Commerce Website building experience for over 400 companies with the world standard, open E-Commerce platform “Magento.” Received Mangento’s 2015 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) E-Commerce Partner of the Year award.

Main achievements in the U.S. and Europe

Providing services to client companies including leading brands of the Fortune 500 and Global 1,000 in the U.S. and Europe. Also boasting a large number of accomplishments focusing on areas such as apparel, health and beauty, consumer goods, food and everyday sundries.

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