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Services for the South Korean Market

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transcosmos has been providing contact center, direct mail and field service including E-Commerce One-Stop Service to over 100 major companies in South Korea for 14 years. Now, we are the largest independent BPO vendor in South Korea.

transcosmos Awarded “High Performance Award” from eBay Korea

Services for the South Korean Market ebay ebay

The South Korean Case Study
Dinos Cecile
  • transcosmos Korea inaugurates the “Cecile Online Shop” E-Commerce site for the South Korean market
  • transcosmos Korea will handle general business operations for the “Cecile Online Shop” at One-Stop, ranging from the construction and operation of this E-Commerce site to functions such as marketing to attract customers, customer support and order acceptance at contact centers, and fulfillment operations including purchasing, inventory control and delivery.
  • The “Cecile Online Shop” is aiming for sales of 10 billion won (about 900 million yen) in fiscal year 2016.

[Cecile Online Shop]


Case Study

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