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Cross-Border E-Commerce

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Cross-Border E-Commerce market value was 119.9 billion yen in FY 2013; in 2020, it is expected to exceed the maximum of 876.6 billion yen, which is 7.3 times as much (from “FY 2013 Market Research pertaining to Electronic Commerce Business” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). In addition, due to popularity of internet and improvement of logistics infrastructure in ASEAN countries as China Plus One, the ASEAN market is expected to grow rapidly.

transcosmos’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Channel for Japan, China, South Korea, and ASEAN Markets

transcosmos provides Cross-Border E-Commerce Website for Japan, China, South Korea, and ASEAN market and sells high-quality products to local consumers

transcosmos’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Channel for Japan, China, South Korea, and ASEAN Markets 天猫国際 KJT.COM MetroDeal HOTDEAL.vn Anchanto

Sales methods by overseas local subsidiaries with understanding of the local business practices

transcosmos executes sales expansion measures using effective branding / marketing methods through understanding local markets and sourcing products that meet local needs

Pipeline with major local sales channels

transcosmos expands sales volume via multiple sales channels with utilizing major local Cross-Border E-Commerce sales channels in addition to its own Cross-Border E-Commerce sales channels

International distribution utilizing E-Commerce One-Stop center

transcosmos performs international logistics business at its E-Commerce One-Stop Center. We provide the optimum logistics service for overseas consumers with our specific know-how on international logistics (customs, laws and regulations, delivery scheme and etc.)

Business operations in Cross-Border E-Commerce business

transcosmos provides wide range of service ranging from E-Commerce Website creation / operation, order management, customer support to international distribution at One-Stop based on its business know-how on international E-Commerce business

transcosmos’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Business

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