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Global E-Commerce One-Stop Services

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  • Assisted Saishunkan in implementing “Skin Care Counselling Services by LINE”
  • Digital BPO Services for indirect material procurement RPA saved man-hours
  • AJINOMOTO Expense Processing Operations BPO
  • SMS service to Misato City, Saitama Prefecture Increased tax collections Over 90% open rate for text messages
  • Raised Average Customer Spend by up to 50% through “Gotcha!mall”
  • Saisyunkan Deliver Facebook / LINE Ads Targeting Taiwanese Consumers 1sr-time Purchase Rate went up by 6%

transcosmos’s Overseas Sales (Global E-Commerce One Stop) Services

transcosmos provides E-Commerce One Stop Services tailored to the needs of clients’ global e-commerce development from Japan to overseas. Our services range from operations including e-commerce website development and operation, fulfillment (ROG, picking, packing, and shipping), customer support, website promotion and analysis to product sales via our e-commerce channels. We strongly support clients’ overseas sales through major e-commerce malls, websites, and retailers including local leading e-commerce outsourcing companies and deliver clients’ products and services to all over the world including Japan, Europe, USA, China, Korea, ASEAN, India, and Latin America.

Features of Global E-Commerce One-Stop Services

  • Providing overseas sales services in 49 countries including Japan, the United States, China, South Korea, India, and throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America
  • Blending the Company’s extensive services and performance, the in-house integrated e-commerce platform known as the transcosmos eCommerce HUB, contact centers, BPO, and digital marketing
  • Leveraging our partnerships with leading corporations in Europe, the United States, China, and South Korea, we are able to develop global e-commerce businesses tailored to the culture and characteristics of each target market
  • We support the development of e-commerce in Southeast Asia through alliances with top players in the apparel, e-book, and other markets in Southeast Asia

transcosmos provides overseas sales (e-commerce one-stop) services ranging from product sourcing, to operations and sales support in 49 countries including Japan, Europe, the United States, China, South Korea, ASEAN, India, and Latin American countries according to the clients’ e-commerce and brand strategy.

Global E-Commerce One-Stop Services TAKATRANS PFSweb INFRACOMMERCE NIHONCHOKUHAN TAYLOR STITCH Fujimaki Department Store Saketora Geek Jack 天猫Tmall.com 天猫国際 LAZADA UNQ JD.COM JUMEI.COM vip.com amazon.cn Magic Panda YAHOO!奇摩 momo購物 PChome Shopee ebay LAZADA Shopee 11ST LAZADA HERMO 11ST Lazada Qoo10 PT. transcosmos Commerce Tokopedia Bukalapak MercadoLibre amazon.com.mx amazon.br

Overseas Sales (Global E-Commerce One-Stop) Services (Per Country / Region)

Selection of One-Stop E-Commerce Services optimized for each country’s e-commerce market. Each client can select from our diverse set of e-commerce business strategies to fit its needs such as launching an e-commerce brand site, executing a cross-border e-commerce business from Japan or commission based overseas sales through transcosmos’s e-commerce channels.

Overseas Sales (Global E-Commerce One-Stop) Services (Per Country / Region) amazon ebay 天猫Tmall.com YAHOO!奇摩 momo購物 PChome Shopee MercadoLibre amazon.com.mx amazon.com.br NIHONCHOKUHAN Fujimaki Department Store Saketora PT. transcosmos Commerce UNQ JD.COM JUMEI.COM vip.com amazon.cn Lazada HERMO Qoo10 11ST Shopee Tokopedia Bukalapak 天猫国際 Lazada HERMO 11ST Saketora Geek Jack