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Call Center Services

  • Rtranscosmos helps JR Kyushu implement & build customer support AI chatbot (auto response)
  • RECOMM enhances sales activities for “ReSPR,” the air sanitizer
  • transcosmos and transcosmos online communications help Hannan University deliver information to both students and their parents using LINE
  • transcosmos Taiwan supports cosmetics brand “SHIRO” with one-stop e-commerce business
  • transcosmos and transcosmos online communications assist Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, to provide municipal information including child care support using LINE
  • transcosmos assists meeth, a brand that sells “MORERICH PACK,” in winning the top beauty award in Taiwan with its marketing services
  • transcosmos wins “Rakuten Ichiba Monthly Excellent Shop” award for 3rd straight month
  • Resona Bank, in partnership with transcosmos, applies “process mining” to corporate website
  • Kanagawa Prefecture deploys “LINE WORKS” at full scale to enhance Kanagawa Shoubou’s initial response capabilities
  • Deliver new customer experience by deploying RoBoHoN in “THE SUIT COMPANY STORE”
  • TOBISHIMA CORPORATION develop a new construction management framework by leveraging transcosmos “ to Construction BPO services”

Call Center Services

  • Contact Center
  • Customer Care
  • Sales Support
  • Industry Specific Call Center
  • Contact Center Technologies
  • Analytics
  • Offshore

Offering outsourcing services for customer support operations such as dealing with inquiries and complaints from customers,informing about products and services, and supporting marketing and sales.

Features of Call Center Services

  • Largest contact center service provider in Asia, focusing on Japan, China, and South Korea
  • Offering the largest contact center services in Japan with 25 bases and 15,450 seats as well as 37 bases and 10,670 seats overseas
  • Business experience in many industries, including financial, telecommunication, high-tech, medical, cosmetics, distribution, automobile, and airline, as well as in the public sector
  • Established Shibuya Social Media Center, one of the first in the industry to specialize in customer support for social media

Importance of call center services

Due to the development and popularization of the Internet including smartphones, customer touchpoints have diversified. As a result, the operation of call centers, which formerly were for telephone support service, has been more complicated and sophisticated over multiple channels including telephone, fax, email, website, chat, and LINE. In order to meet the needs of these operations, call centers need appropriate solutions.